Mark’s Leaving on a Jet Plane

The fella I’ve aptly called my Work Husband, on account of the years we’ve worked together, side-by-side, is taking off for Spain in a few hours to work for one of the most amazing studios in the world.

I’m sitting here feeding my new munchkin, possibly realizing for the first time that when I come back from mat leave, the familiar face I’ve associated with incredibly strong work and unwavering moral support will be somewhere else.

Spain is just the first step for him. He’s destined for big things, and he should be; he’s worked tirelessly to get there.

Mark, you’re an inspiration to me, to everyone you’ve worked with, and you’ll be as brilliant as you’ve always made me feel.

You’ve got this one in the can, and as I’ve said dozens of times by now, I’m so proud of you and Dan. I know this won’t be easy, but nothing that’s worth it ever is.

Be magical like a unicorn. I love you, Work Husband.

Work Wife

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