DesignThinkers, Data, and Diapers

Now that this site is finally up and running in its current state, I thought I’d catch up and add a post.

Yesterday Mark and I attended DesignThinkers ’13, the annual RGD design conference that takes place in Toronto. We both booked vacation time from work months ago so we’d have a chance to attend.

Overall, it was completely worth the stress of answering emails during breaks. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the anticipation of seeing Nicholas Felton speak, and having him sign our programs afterward. I geeked out a bit (a lot). But with good reason! He’s brilliant, well-spoken, and incredibly inspiring. I even told him of my plans for collecting my own data set, since I’ll have some new fodder this year.

I said, what better way to document a year than to see it through new and tiny eyes? And by counting diapers? And burps? And feedings? 😀

Hubs and I will have a little ampersand of our own in a few months, and I can’t stop smiling.

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